LandLines of Yesterday

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Slideshow of old trucking companies.

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  1. Comment by ballparkweiner1:

    I think you are …
    I think you are referring to ” LOUISE’S DINER ” I -78 EXIT 13. When “TrashCan” went out, he went to work for Red Star Lines. After that, he went to work for “Buster Brown” “UPS”. Then he landed at “Big O” Overnite, now UPS Freight. He has since moved on from there to who knows where? Hope this helped.
    YRC Carlisle, PA.

  2. Comment by MrBirdmann87:

    I see Estes all …
    I see Estes all over the place, they are not out of business. Unless they were purchased by another company that just left the trucks and trailers as they were at the time of purchase.

  3. Comment by csxns:

    Builders Transport.
    Builders Transport.

  4. Comment by M28443:

    Great video of some …
    Great video of some awesome old trucking giants from yesteryear. That sure brought back lots of memories! Thanks for posting for us OLD TIMERS!

  5. Comment by 72peterbilt:

    the shot at 3:12 is …
    the shot at 3:12 is an alltime classic never to be seen again, a defunct trucking company in the parking lot of one of the most iconic truckstops on the east coast always a favorite of mine to stop at i-81 exit 205 in raphine va long live white’s truckstop forever in our hearts

  6. Comment by fire58372001:

    I like Great …
    I like Great Coastal it looks like an Evil Knevil helmet. Wow I remember Whites Truck Stop, It’s now a pilot. :(

  7. Comment by fire58372001:

    Nice song. What’s …
    Nice song. What’s the name of it?

  8. Comment by 69cateyes:

    does anyone have …
    does anyone have any photos of old trucking companies in and around the Philly area ? Im trying to locate photos of John Tinney Delivery Service , AAA Trucking( Rising Sun Ave.terminal),and Marty’s Express.

  9. Comment by 69cateyes:

    Bootlegger was …
    Bootlegger was driving a car carrier up until his retirement about 7-8 yrs.ago…He has since moved somewhere down south ,last I heard…

  10. Comment by zybeco:

    0:46 Sharp Motor …
    0:46 Sharp Motor Lines, 2:21 Blue Ridge Transport, 3:01 Newton Tramsport, Thumbs up if you are, have been, or know what a Stick Hauler is .

  11. Comment by NeilLB7:

    I still see Estes …
    I still see Estes trucks here in Indiana at least. Same colors. Yellow with red wheels. Usually newer international day cabs if I recall.

  12. Comment by michael wilkerson:

    glad to see c&h …
    glad to see c&h represented in this video my daddy drove for them from 64 to 77

  13. Comment by 9241968:

    ESTES is still …
    ESTES is still around

  14. Comment by jeanne685:

    It was so long ago …
    It was so long ago. i hear TransCon went belly up, and P.I.E was handling their freight temporarily. whatever happened there? this was before all the gooks ame in and started taking the jobs away. shame.

  15. Comment by jeanne685:

    does anyone …
    does anyone remember the driver who use to drive for Transcon trucking. his CB handle was “The Bootlegger.” you could hear him coming for miles it seemed. his favorite CB term was “KNOCKERS MAN!” anyone ever hear from him? last i heard he went over the side of the mountain, on route 80 somwhere in PA. but that he survived.. at least i hope he did. he was so cool!! and i nice guy too. use to see him at Maries` Diner in Clinton NJ. anyone?

  16. Comment by ledfoot73:

    Gotta love the old …
    Gotta love the old cabovers, I learned to drive on a Mack Ultraliner in ’91. Trucks nowadays have no character.

  17. Comment by trucker5933:

    Your best bet is …
    Your best bet is old scrap yards with trucks and trailers.

  18. Comment by jjoauctioneer1:

    can anybody tell me …
    can anybody tell me where i can get (buy) some of the old panel signs that the companies had riveted on the sides of the trailers thanks

  19. Comment by bisbutt:

    great vid A ++++ …
    great vid A ++++ kepp up the good work

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